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A un Quality Control Inspector le preguntaron...29 de enero de 2020

Receive, review and resend packages.

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They will take your personal information and act as if it was a legitimate job .then have you to receive package and ship them back out for a whole month then disconnect you from dashboard and you will not be paid. Menos

This job is a scam all it will do is take your time away from your family and You Will Not be Paid. Menos

Same thing, I worked for a month, now I'm totally cut off from everything no one even answers the phone. Menos

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Daewoo Engineering

How to close packages

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Received packages, Line checking, Story of fit up reports, Welding reports, NDE reports and Punch reports... Menos

Well, i'll assume we are talking about piping test packages in here...Once we receive the package the line will be check,soon a punchlist will come out,indicating those balance work to be done before and after testing. Say for example, a welded joint balance or a temporary gasket,all missing accessories down to the smallest one.. Menos


If you can work swing shift

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Onshore Construction

what is the code for qualifying welders?

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Asme section ix

Asme 9, aws d1.1

Depend on the requirement of project, for strusture we can use AWS D1.1, for piping we can use ASME IX Menos

Union Tank Car

How long have you been in the inspection business.

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5 to six years

7 years in various lines of inspections...from dimensional to pipeline.


What do you expect to acheive with us?

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Opportunity to advance and a stable company to retire from.

Hopefully a opportunity to be part of a good team and a great job to keep as long as you’ll keep me Menos


They get their questions off the internet. I was asked what basketball team i root for, what religion I identified with, etc...

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Religion? Not legal!

Yeah, the fact that an overwhelming majority of these comments from current employees are anonymous should be a big sign to anyone looking to work for a company that continues to reward mediocrity. Menos


how long you have been work on the kind of job ? what do you think the most important things when you work in shop?

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I have been worked industry factory over 20 years. the most important things are safety . Menos

14 years. Compliance and Safety are the most important things

Murray & Roberts

How do i handle pressures of the job

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i am cool calm and collective by nature and perform at my peak when under pressure Menos

Keeping kite, due doing my daily work program without any stress.

ACRT Services

How soon can you start work

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I'm available now.


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