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SunSource Energy
A un Solar Engineer le preguntaron...18 de junio de 2012

Shadow analysis in PVSYST ?

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for shadow analysis in pv systems the site survey is conducted by the team of engineers. there are two methods for shadow analysis; 1 Non photographic 2 photographic in non photographic method the tools are used for the visualization of shading across sun's path. in photographic methods, the proper panoramic images are developed and are converted into percentage loss of radiations and ultimately into digital files. the more precise way is to make a 3-D model of the site. Menos

Pure Power

What is your AutoCAD experience?

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I have very little AutoCAD experience, but I am able to work with the software. I am able to learn quickly, so I should be able to learn and adjust as I continue to use the software. Menos


Why Ulteig?

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Spoke about how its the best option for me.

SunSource Energy

Battery bank calculation?

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for battery bank calculation, first u hav to know about ur daily need of electrical energy in kwh. the peak load or maximum wattage of appliances in ur house to opt for suitable inverter, and the days of autonomy, battery bank capacity accordingly and ultimately the no. of batteries after calculating the above needed data. the daily energy use is multiplied by the factor of 1.5 which has been taken for all the losses when there will b an increase in temperature. Menos


They might Ask You SLD and Block Diagram of Solar Power Plant, it's types, etc. The Reason for Why you Choose Solar and want to work with Company. What do know About Solar and your Experience, Skills of AutoCAD, etc.

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I drew a Block Diagram of Solar System , explained it, justified the use of components. Shared My Dreams for Solar and Expressed My Sincere Interest to Go Green and do a Green Job. Menos

For travelling because of projects execution.

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Very Sharply yes i do.


Why I was leaving my previous employer.

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The company I was working with previously closed down.

Asked me to tell them about myself.


wat salary offer ? work in tim

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