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Nivid Technologies
A un Wireless Network Engineer le preguntaron...20 de septiembre de 2021

OSI model and the Routing protocols

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Explained all the layers in the OSI model deeply and explained all the types of routing protocols properly with short description for all type. Menos

Huawei Technologies

Describe your strength and weakness

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Try to explain your personality one by one

IT Authorities

Mostly my experience in my previous employment and lots of technical questions.

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I answered all the questions I was asked without any issues.

Insight Global

Some of the questions asked pertained to work skills, past experience, and my ability to travel extensively. For example, one question was "What is my experience with Ekahau Pro/Site Survey?". "If you were accepted for the position could you travel weeks a time?". The Client interview and questions were more specific and focused on wireless skills and knowledge, followed up with a technical assessment test. One question asked, "Could I do a presentation to a CIO and tell him his network was or was not fully 802.11x compliant? Could I explain to the CIO the processes needed to become fully compliant and document this?".

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With all the questions (Insight Global and perspective Client), the key for me was to answer them with rigorous honesty. For example, regarding the Ekahau Pro/Site Survey question, I answered, "I had some experience with Ekahau, more so my training, experience, and proficiencies with wireless surveys are with NetScout AirMagnet. However, I understand the technologies involved and I can adapt and learn very quickly". With regards to travel, I explained my "Road-Warrior" travel mentality and that it was not an issue. With the perspective Client, if I did not know the question, I said so upfront. All the questions on the Client technical test and assessment were weighted. They included dBm-MW conversions, WLC configurations, AP line-of-sight, hidden networks, more, etc. Menos

Cisco Systems

Tunnel between AP and controller

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Capwap and explain about this tunnel


Q: Mostly questions about my resume/ experience. Q: Which project excited you the most?


Basic about wireless


RF Fundamentals, MIMO Functionality, RRM Functionality


tell me about yourself, state your experience. What was your reason for applying?


my previous work experience question related to physical layer, 5G.

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