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Pakistan Telecommunication
A un IT Network Engineer le preguntaron...19 de enero de 2018

What is a Wan/ Lan.

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Wide area network/local area network

Wide area network/local area network

Wan(wide area network) mean which network to city to city.local area network used in organisations like a company,market Menos

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CMS Info Systems

port numbers and their respective protocols,kickback server and others,osi model,protocols on each layer,sliding window protocol

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ipNX Nigeria

What is a network? What is WAN? What is LAN? What is communication network. The OSI Network layer.

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A communication network is the pattern of directions in which information flows in the organization. Channels of communication (networks by which information flows) are either formal networks or informal networks. Menos


They asked me if I had any experience with Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sales systems.

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At the point, I only had a very little experience with an open source POS system. Menos

Corporate Technologies

Describe your previous experience

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Told him about my experience and how it related to some items provided on description of the job. Menos

Q Investments

SAT scores? Really?!?

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1200 minimum


Do you understand Meraki equipment?

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Yes. Then they asked how many years I had experience with the equipment.

Reliance Industries

What do you know about OSI Model?

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Started with full form, then a diagrammatic representation of all layers and then explanation of each layers. Menos

J. C. Penney

I was asked to described a situation where I would have done things differently in order to solve it.

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Based on that experience, I was able to come up with a better procedure in case a similar situation presented itself again. Menos

Cisco Systems

1. Why CSS when HTML is already available for web development. 2. Sql query to display the second highest salary of an employee. 3. Why cisco?

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3. Me: my recent project on message encryption- Cryptography boosted my interest on Network security. Recuiter: what’s the relation bw crypto currency and networks. Me: sir, crypto* Recruiter: sorry. what’s the relation bw cryptography and networks. Menos

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