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ACT Fibernet
A un Network Engineer-IP le preguntaron...14 de enero de 2014

To check my confidence they asked me to sell them a cellular phone lying on the table.

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what is your expected salary ?

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I am fresh and this my first job, just offer me a package

Vodafone Hutchison Australia

Behavioural question, like explain your self and your history some background on Telco experience Technical background check and ask for some certifications Technical questions on MPLS, BGP and OSPF Some layer 2 questions VLAN, Spanning Tree Some ISP related routing questions (route influence) Some team building activities related questions Leadership examples in your past roles and issues

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How can get opportunity job in vodafone i have +8 experience in overseas but there are no job for vodafone Menos


tell me about the systedms you worked with

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I mentioned all systems and technology that I have experince in

What is medical systems

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Don't know

A healthy system.also know as health care system.the organization people, institute and reasources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target population Menos

Transaction Network Services

Find the issue with a trace route output?

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There was a Routing loop.


How does MPLS work? How does 5G work? other network related questions

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I explained how those technologies work. In general not a difficult interview.


All questions are technical.

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So study up!

Huawei Technologies

Who is the boss of Huawei?

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Xplore Inc.

Why do you think your fit for this postion?

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