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Impact Networking
A un Level III Field Network Engineer le preguntaron...30 de julio de 2018

What are the Active Directory roles?

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I know the roles, but can not describe them in detail.

State of Vermont

Nothing. Manager read interview 101

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things like "describe a difficult situation:


In a router, what command is needed to communicate with a DHCP server.

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ip helper address


What is q on q?

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Layered Vlan tagging


About 15 20 minutes general information on my background and skill set another 30 minutes technical interview

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I answered all questions honestly and with integrity.


Situational questions - how do you deal with customers

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Understanding their needs


What's the difference of TCP and UDP

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TCP is connection based. UDP is connectionless with no error checking.

Cox Communications

What is your most recent experience in VoIP and Large-Scale Network Engineering

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Detailed design and implementation experience to the satisfaction of the lead engineer and the hiring manager Menos

Northrop Grumman

What was my employment history

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Explained my history and what I was expecting.

Cal Net Technology Group

The hands-on lab is pretty straight-foward, but it took a lot longer than you would think. There is an 8 hour time limit and it goes by very quickly. They don't expect you to get everything done at all.

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