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A un Network Engineer II le preguntaron...25 de agosto de 2015

If a network had a subnet, how many available addresses or host devices could be on that subnet.

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Number of host bits =255-248=7, Number of usable IP =2^7-2 = 126

How to boot Cisco switch that doesn't have a working copy of IOS: Download the IOS from the Cisco website and install tftp server on a PC. Use "boot system tftp:??/" to boot from the tftp server. Or You can simply copy the IOS from the tftp server into your flash by issuing: "copy tftp: flash:" Menos

Available addresses on network subnet are 6 addresses. (2 ^ 3) - 2 = 6 Menos

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Hughes Network Systems

Difficult because those guys kept asking system and software questions even I applied network engineer jobs.

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Network Engineer should know a lot of Linux knowledge cos most of the severs are configured under Linux. Do you remember the question they asked? Menos

what is dll? What is linux? Why should I know these craps?


syn cookies anti replay perfeect forward secrecy in ipsec vpn DDOS and DOS prevention IP headrsize tcp header size MTU ARP, proxy Arp, syn flood maximum segment size

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I did not had answer for most questions.

You question seems to be about initiator cookies in first packet of Ipsec packet. Menos

Sungard Availability Services

basic networking questions

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wat r the questions


OSI model, Linux Operating system

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I answered all questions and even got selected. After multiple email follow-up and calls HR told me that position does not exist & I applied for position which will come in near future. Working in IT industry for last 7.5 years I worked with premium organizations like Juniper, Dell and Orange, this was the first instance I met. I will surely cascade my experience and feedback to my peers and few Senior folks from F5 who suggested me to apply for F5 as it is very good organization. But now i surely doubt it. Menos


You've replaced the firewall in your network. Before replacing the firewall you double-checked all configurations against the existing firewall to ensure they match exactly. However, when you perform the replacement no traffic is able to get out to the internet. What would/could be the issue on your network?

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In the scenario given, the firewall was static in the switches and routers and the MAC address needed an update on these pieces of equipment. Menos


What is IGMP snooping?

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IGMP snooping is used for multicasting in a Layer 2 switching environment

Vyve Broadband

Other than the required 'functional' and 'engineering' skillset, what other value might I provide the company.

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Referenced my personality, character, enthusiasm and passions i have (both inside and outside of work). Menos


What is the TCP/IP handshake process? or something like that...

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Syn, syn-ack, can research it too....

J. C. Penney

I was asked to described a situation where I would have done things differently in order to solve it.

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Based on that experience, I was able to come up with a better procedure in case a similar situation presented itself again. Menos

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