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GS Lab
A un Software Developer C++ Unix Telecom le preguntaron...2 de septiembre de 2016

TCP Client Server programming. Libraries Compilations. Multithreading. Strings. Linked Lists. SIP Offer Answer. SIP Headers. Puzzles

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They take too many rounds, and call you multiple times at their office. Don't take telefonic, only take F2F. Take a written test even for 8-10 yrs exp people (so you can't take half-day-leave). Still don't release the offer because they are too much calculative. They want the better employees but don't want to pay good & offer good designation. So they keep on taking unnecessary interviews with upper managements ; who try to scare you, pressurize you with irrelevant languages/skills/puzzles, just to prove that you may not FIT. Menos

Global Edge Software

a brief discussion on C Compiler

Global Edge Software

Complete step involve in C code from generation to execution

Global Edge Software

They ask me to write c code for certain problems mostly involving String and bit-wise operation.

Global Edge Software

Storage class in C

Intracom Telecom

Describe what this piece of code will show as an output

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