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Bank of America
A un Architect Chief Engineer Project Manager le preguntaron...4 de noviembre de 2013

How is your family life and how old are you

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You are legally not allowed to ask how old they are

You're legally not allowed to ask about family status, either.

I didn't think the question was relative to the interview

Air Products

There were technical questions about P&IDs, pump types, joule Thompson effect…

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P&ID for each part in feide

Types of pumps are: Diaphragm Centrifugal Gear Lobe Piston Crasher


Even though it doesn't seem difficult, when asked where I saw myself in 2 years, I was a bit taken aback because I have had some major transitions in my personal life, which has made every bit of my future direction come into question.

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I was honest about the situation, and hope it didn't hurt my chances.

Samsung Electronics

Describe 3 of design patterns you are most familiar with.

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How to deal with memory leak issue in an embedded system.

alliantgroup, LP

You have 4 clients; client A - small and loyal, client B - pain in the ass and angry, client C - large with the potential for repeat business, and client D - chill and easy going. Because of things out of your control, you will miss the deadline for 2 of the 4 clients. Which 2 would you rather miss the deadline for and why.

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What was your answer?

Air Products

Nothing too difficult. Technical with a few personality/behavior questions.

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They are selective (for people with no connections) and make sure you know everything about your experience in detail. Prepare some technical answers about their processes even if you are interviewing for a general position like CDP. Menos

Actemium USA

If i like to travel

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depends on the benefits

¿Que papel estas dispuesto a jugar con el equipo de trabajo?

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Primero de aprendiz y posteriormente acomodar mi rol de acuerdo a las necesidades. Ser alguien flexible y con actitud de liderazgo para guiar y transmitir lo aprendido. Menos

Washington State Department of Transportation

The panel asked several questions including but not limited too essential duties of a successful project manager, identify and explain risks associated with projects, most important factor to delivering a successful project, best and worst traits/qualities as a professional and how I've worked to better myself at a professional and personal level.

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I answered all the questions as honestly as possible. I didn't try to give them the answers they wanted or expected to hear but instead gave them the answers that, from my perspective, allowed me to provide the most benefit to the project and organization. When identifying duties, risks and aspects of project management I attempted to include examples of how I'd applied or learned from those experiences. When a question was asked about a shortcoming or failure I didn't try to shy away from the answer but answered it directly and provided information on how I learned from that experience to become a better professional. Menos

TPC Wire & Cable

How would you handle lots of sales reps asking for information at the same time?

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I would prioritize and communicate that I was working as quickly as possible.

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