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A un Software Engineer II SAP ABAP-HR le preguntaron...16 de diciembre de 2015

Strengths and weekness

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Hi.. after how many days did they conduct second round for you. I had a telephonic discussion yesterday and yet waiting for the result. When can I expect? Menos

1 week

Lufthansa Cargo

at Frankfurt the German psychologist: "How would adapt to the German culture"

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No answer I gave was convincing apparently because she asked in in several ways. I believe they just want to get you frustrated, see your reaction. Menos

Warner Bros.

Do I understand the role

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Scenario question on an employee having been promised development and company not promoting the employee.

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Gave a PC answer that was not acceptable, it appears.


Q. "Describe a situation to where you needed help to resolve an issue, and how did you go about resolving it." I typically seek help from fellow teammates first, and then utilize the Internet. This was asked in both the IT part of the interview, and again during the HR interview.

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Apparently I indicated that I sought help from my supervisor first, and not resolve the issue on my own. Advice: be careful how you answer these types of questions, and indicate to your audience that YOU can resolve any problem, and provide the method(s) in which you did it. Menos


From the generic " tell me more about your experience" to deeper competency based questions.


Can you tell me about your background and experience relevant to this role? What interests you about our company and this particular position? What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement? How would you handle a challenging situation or conflict in the workplace? Can you describe a time when you had to meet a tight deadline or handle a high-pressure situation? How did you handle it?


Can you tell a situation where you demonstrated leadership?

Nexeo Solutions

Detailed step by step process of creation of an Infotype. The question was not difficult or unexpected, but detailed explanation was kind of grilling since you were expected to follow the sequence and elaborate on every step the screens and GUI Elements and the process.


When will be joining in capgemini?

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