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General Motors (GM)
A un Ingeniero De Materiales le preguntaron...12 de junio de 2019

Preguntas con doble sentido, de riesgo.

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Son varias veriable a analizar.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you really want to work here? What can you contribute?

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I told them I envision myself to be able to rise and lead and inspire my future colleagues. Menos


Tell me a time how you handled a situation where you were unable to follow through on a commitment.

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Since I already had some experiences in the field, I had real-time stories to share. This question was very similar to the one that I prepared a script for, so I kind of twisted it and altered it so that it became more proper to answer this question. Menos


Here are some of the 'more difficult' questions (for me) that I was asked in the process: 1) Can you give a concrete example of B1 target language for German? (checking didactic knowledge) 2) Where do you see yourself in five years? 3) How important is team work for you and what do you understand by team work? 4) What was your own role in the teams you've worked in so far? 5) How would you tackle the specific constraints and difficulties (e.g., tight deadlines) that come along with this job?

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For no. 5, I answered that I know/have learned how to be pragmatic and get the work done as well as I can within the time that is given to me. Menos

Center for the Collaborative Classroom

How did you go about designing a lesson?


Tell me about your Python software development experience.


Tell me about a time that you had to relay information back to someone that you were unclear on


1) What do you know about Rolls-Royce? 2) Have you ever faced any deployment issue e.g. you have solved an issue but it has reappeared. How did you tackle this situation? 3) Why the main function is static and void? 4) ACID properties

Center for the Collaborative Classroom

What are some challenges in teaching reading and writing and how did you address them (I'm a former teacher)?

Cooperation manufacturing plant Aguascalientes (Mexico)

¿Cuál ha sido el reto más difícil en tu vida profesional?

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