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A un Linux Kernel Software Engineer le preguntaron...2 de junio de 2020

Print last n nodes of a linked list you only have pointer to Head

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I suggest to create additional pointer which is the tail. Set a gap of the n nodes between the head and tail, move both, and once the tail points to null it’s the end of the list. Then, move only the head and print the node until it reaches the tail Menos

Actually, that could work but it's too expensive. I suggest you to reverse the list which take O(n) time complexity afterward print first m element and reverse the list back which in total cost you O(n) time complexity and O(1) extra space Menos

Use a queue. Traverse the list and add each element to the queue. Always check if the size of the queue is n, if so then remove the first element before adding a new one. When you finish traversing the list your queue will have exactly the last n elements of the list, just print them in order. Menos

Intel Corporation

Write a code which gets an array of size N with Natural numbers in it. The code needs to give every time a differet permutation of itself.

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I used a rand() twice to get 2 indexes randomly every time, and put modulo (%N) on the value to be in the range of the indexes. Menos

What mean every time a differet permutation? As I know set of permutations is finite. Menos


how do you find out the memory on X amount of Linux systems.

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computer suddenly powers off what do you do.


The questions were about data structures,threads,networking, algorithms.If you're well prepared I think it won't be a problem to pass.

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I think the hardest part for me was on the algorithmic ones.


Explain what happens when an interrupt occurs.

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- The current contents of registers are placed on the stack. - The current program address is placed on the stack. - The Interrupt Vector Table is checked to determine the source of the interrupt, and which Interrupt Service Routine it should go to. - At the end of the ISR, the interrupt flag must be cleared for normal operation to continue. Menos


Compare and contrast an array and a linked list. Which operates faster in a loop? Why?

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I talked about random access property of array vs sequential for SLL. Also talked about how SLL is better for dynamic data as a dynamic array requires resize/copying. Lastly, I said an array is better in loops because the dereferencing of an SLL would have more overhead. He also wanted me to say something about an array being contiguous in memory, but I didn't get that... Menos


How do you check if 2 buffers overlap?

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if(a + sizeof(a)) > B) && ((B+sizeof(B)) > A)

Cirrus Logic

Only one developer asked coding question related to strings, to detect palindrome. Test lead asked questions on syntax, semantics of C-code, git-squash, static code analysis and run-time analysis.

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coding question was easy with 45 mins to spare, could take care of all debug aspects. Theory questions were all easy as well, except code analysis. Menos


difference among Sequences container: vector, deque, list difference among associate container: set, map, hash difference among smart pointer: std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, std::weak_ptr difference between struct and class read C++ code and give result: related to virtual function and template Shell and Python questions: awk print column, Python dictionary Use C++ to realize a class: understand map, pair, struct, operator overload, class

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Another C++ question is about template metaprogramming.


Explain what happens at the OS level when you type the 'ls' command into a Linux shell.

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I didn't get this correct so he never told me the answer, but I'm sure it is something along the lines of fork(), execve(), system calls, etc... Menos

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