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A un DSP Software Engineer le preguntaron...12 de octubre de 2015

What is the Z-transform of y[n] = x[n] + 2x[n-1]?

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I realized this wasn't this job for me. I didn't study EE and the headhunter should have seen that. Yes I have a PhD in psychoacoustics and have done a fair amount of programming of filters and frequency domain analysis, but my theoretical knowledge is (extremely) minimal. 30 minutes after the interview and remembering that x[n-1] = z^-1, and then revisiting the textbook, I realized that the z-transform is indeed 1 + 2z^-1. *This would have been a very easy interview for someone with a BSEE.* Menos



What kind of filter is this? y(n) = summation from i = 0 to i = M [ (1/M)*x(n-i) ]

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Low Pass Filter


Having the exact qualifications and experience for the job doesn't qualify you. They can hire someone with basic knowledge and let him learn instead.

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The number one factor they select people on is their cultural background( where they came from, and their culture). and this is obvious because they are not and equal opportunity employer. Also for you to know that Denmark is considered one of the most hateful and racist countries in the world that have less tolerance with accepting other humans from somewhere else who may be different than them in skin colour or if they are muslims or jews. They are just like that and please never think bad of yourself, it is their problems not yours, also don't obsess about it. They are just a small group of humans who live for sometime and then leave like every other human. Just be happy, love yourself and decide to never be like them. Menos


Is there a way to find out the size of an allocated portion of memory?

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there isn't


Analyze a piece of code which was incredibly badly written

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"I hope your company doesn't really write code like this"

Evertz Microsystems

After 7 yrs of work, it was the first time I encounter to a paper based questions... maybe I am new in the country!

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Can you be more specific please? Share us with the specific questions that you were asked please? Menos

PathPartner Technology

All the objective questions were previous gate exam questions.

Azcom Technology

Swapping, Sorting, Pointers, Modulation Techniques, FFT, Laplace Transform, etc.

Acacia Communications

how to make sure that your fucntion is working correctly what do you use to check memory leakage in linux


what are your strengths and weakness?

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