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American Technology Consulting
A un Senior Software QA Engineer le preguntaron...25 de noviembre de 2019

Java Strings and FileReader questions

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Small piece of code.

Hi bro, what were the queations asked in the written and system tests. Please let me know. it will be help ful Menos


they asked about mostly, 802.11r, 11ac-wave2

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Cleared all 4 rounds and got an offer

Do they need automation as mandatory


Mostly some string manipulation.

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Ok, but looking at what I had done so far, it was very annoying to answer these type of questions. But I kept it cool :) It is funny how they miss on some of greatest talents based on a question about string manipulation. It is more like asking a professor to solve a fifth-grade question using what the fifth grader knows at school. Most the time they will fail. It didn't bother me not getting the job at all. It is just their loss. I have at least four other great opportunities with companies who appreciate my real-life significant accomplishments that I can choose from. Menos

In these sorts of interviews you really need to drill down and understand what the interviewer is looking for. A good way to simulate a real interview experience is to do a mock with one of the Snowflake Senior Software QA Engineer experts on Prepfully, rated super strongly on TrustPilot... Menos


Find the middle of round with missing quadrant area.

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Defined generic approach and gave an approximate position of the center.


Basic Selenium Questions TestNG Related questions Framework Related Questions

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Riot Games

The following were from an email to set up my interview and gave me many of the questions that were asked during my interview: Interview Tips: Our interviews typically ask you to reflect on a specific example or instance, rather than generalizing past experiences. As such, you might want to write out specific examples of both successes and failures, as we will typically dive deep into the answers you give with multiple follow ups. Ask yourself, why Riot? Think about if/why Riot resonates with you in particular, rather than focusing on "why are you looking now" or "why are you interested in the gaming industry" Review our values and be prepared to answer questions around: Customer empathy, self-awareness, and continuous improvement in the workplace Past professional experiences relating to these values, e.g. How do you deal with conflict? How do you collaborate with others for alignment and delivery? How do you give/receive feedback? When have you failed to meet a deadline?

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I felt like I did well on this interview and I thought I had connected well with the QA manager who conducted this interview. So, I was stunned that I was rejected after this interview and never got to explore the fit with the team. Remember they contacted me.... Menos


2. Find a nearest prime numbers to the given number.

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start from the given number and decrement by 1 and check if prime, similarly do by incrementing by 1. Whichever number diff is least is the nearest. Menos


What is generic classes In Java

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public class GenericClass { T obj1; U obj2; GenericClass(T obj1, U obj2) { this.obj1 = obj1; this.obj2 = obj2; } public void print(){ System.out.println(obj1); System.out.println(obj2); } public static void main(String args[]){ GenericClass s = new GenericClass("asdf",23); s.print(); } } Menos

Silicon Labs

Tell me exactly how you are performing quality assurance testing of your current employer's products.

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I can't answer that question, that's confidential information.

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