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A un Senior Civil Engineer le preguntaron...29 de julio de 2012

If you could be #1 employee but have all your coworkers dislike you or you could be #15 employee and have all your coworkers like you, which would you choose?

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Up to you

dnt care if ur coworkers r with u or not....only matters is ur performance..its sld not b being #1 is good e1 if u dnt hv ur coworkers with u... Menos

Alpine Corporation

What is the least salary you will expect

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Since I am a fresher, I am looking forward to getting started with building my career. I am passionate about Civil Engineering field and will give me an opportunity to get a hands-on experience. I don't doubt that you compensate your freshers well, but for me, being a part of the team and learning are equally important. Menos

4500 AD to 5000 AD

Ideal Group (India)

Our projects is consists of five block of twelve to fifteen storied buildings. I have been asked if I can able to walk up to the terrace by foot at a stretch?

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I have simply said, " Yes, I can able to reach to the top of the buildings".

Yes I can streach and able to walk on the top terrace

About my work experience and background / Duration of my experience / pouring concrete at the hot climate / supervision the work excecution / Notic period / Design of surface water drainage / and etc...

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Very good

Larsen & Toubro

After qualifying your aptitude there might be some good question related to your technical aspect .and then in HR they see the curiosity .mostly they are having some gentle talk .

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Confidence and honesty is key to sucess..


to give details of the procedures followed on one of my previous projects

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I told them the truth


What is my role in present company and nature of job at site etc.

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Handling technically for site execution in a Contracting Company for construction of High Rise Buildings and Towers Menos

Saudi Binladin

technical problems in the office and site and what are the best solusion

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Can you do red pen markups for a site (manager was structural engineer)

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Yes (easy)



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My own

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