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Preguntas de entrevista para el puesto de Ingeniero Civil Gerente De Proyectos compartidas por los candidatos

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Prism Contractors & Engineers
A un Civil Engineer/Project Manager le preguntaron...4 de agosto de 2018

There were not really questions as much as constant interruptions and negativity.

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Thanked him for his time and left.

Gateway Engineers

The typical, tell me about yourself question.

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I am remaining anonymous in this review, so I am not telling anyone about myself. Menos


Several questions unrelated to posted job description.

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Not very well apparently, but what can one expect when the questions are related to a different position. Menos

Burns & McDonnell

Understand basic HR related questions (ethics), engineering law, and basic engineering technical questions.


Previous experience in germany and otherwise


Solving real-life situations, HR questions, German proficiency

The Falcon Group

Are you familiar with what we do?


Name a time you had to make unpopular decisions.


There were no questions I joined GHD as part of an acquasition

Mott MacDonald

What do you know about Mott? Could you lead me through your past experiences in your Cv?

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