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Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
A un Senior Information Security Architect le preguntaron...31 de julio de 2014

Probe fro background, competency and experience, flexibility and attitude...

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Looking for team players and not the Arrogant Know it all types that constantly criticize co workers or point out the obvious which is very aggravating and destructive to positive team environment. Menos

BMW Group

2. Gespräch: sehr detaillierte technische Fragen, die nicht als Anforderung in der Ausschreibung standen.

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2. Gespräch: Ich bin hier falsch und ich bitte Sie Ihre wahren Anforderungen das nächste Mal in die Ausschreibung aufzunehmen. Menos


What were your responsibilities in your last position?

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IT - Cloud- VPN & Industrial Control Security Auditor & Manager Chuck Alhadeff at @mail Dot Come Menos


Asked who the individuals were who captured Kevin Mitnic.

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Seriously? Old history questions of now security professionals do not have a bearing on reducing risk for an organization. Menos


What security resources do you use to ensure your knowledge and skills remain up to date?

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The best resources to learn new skills are listed below: Cybrary HTB Udemy Discord channels Menos


Describe previous experience and role responsibilities?

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My previous experience is serve customer through email and system that have been create to fastent the process of booking of container. My job scope is to handle 1st scale of production before it goes to documentaion which is custom declaration, Bil of Lading, and etc. My target is to make sure all booking has been manage smoothly from time to time until item ready to be stuffing in container. Menos

Gilead Sciences

Describe how you would introduce a new security compliance policy.

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Some elements I included: Define the intent of the policy, make sure it is not already covered in (or overlaps) an existing policy. Identify and engage stakeholders, gain commitment to support. identify any existing implementation procedures (that would support such a policy). Establish risk tolerances and potential conflicts. Ensure the policy is simple, understandable, and most important of all: implementable. Menos


Present roles and responsibilities


Can not provide it here.

Bridgewater Associates

Name two major forms of Cryptography?

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