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Black Box
A un Information Assurance le preguntaron...27 de julio de 2012

Name the layers of the OSI model

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Google it....but this is not a real tech question....i know Programers that don't care for the model...some do some don't they expect everyone to know this to be an engineer regardless of background. Menos

Looks like he did not know the answer but was offered the position nevertheless. I bet this candidate was a white dude. Question are design to weed out the candidate that are not "White" rather than filtering knowledge and qualifications. I can't understand the significance of a technical screen if they are just going to hair the one they like based on appearance. Menos

SRA International

What is your greatest weakness?

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Not knowing when to say no to more responsibility than I can handle and wanting to assist even though it might be outside of the scope of the work. Menos

Were you asked about our current salary and desired salary?

Isys Technologies

Questions were either generic about DoD and government experience, but some were strangely specific about a issues or problems they might have had with the individual in the position before. Gave me a bad feeling that whomever took the position was going to be fighting the ghost of the person before.

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Standard technical answers about rules and regulations of different government agencies. Tried to answer the weird "person" work issue/problems with the standard touchie-feelie answers. You'd have to be an idiot to answer those any other way. Menos

Sentek Global

Describe why i should hire you rather than one of your peers?

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I'm not afraid of a challenge. I can both lead and follow. I'm an excellent communicator. Menos

Johns Hopkins Medicine

If I asked you how would calculate all the gas stations in the US, how would you do it? Hint: Google is not an option

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Answer – A business doesn’t stick around for long unless it makes a profit. Let’s assume that all gas stations in the US are making at least some profit over the long run. Assume that the number of people who own more than one car is negligibly small relative to the total American population. Figure that 20% of people are too young to drive a car, another 10% can’t drive because of disability or old age, 5% of people use public transportation or carpool, another 5% choose not to drive, and another 5% of the cars are inventory sitting in lots or warehouses that a dealership owns but which no one drives. There’s about 280 million people in the US; subtracting 50%, that means there’s about 140 million automobiles and 140 million drivers for them. The busiest city or interstate gas stations probably get a customer pulling in about twice a minute, or about 120 customers per hour; a slower gas station out in an agrarian area probably sees a customer once every 10 or 15 minutes, or about 4 customers per hour. Let’s take a weighted average and suppose there’s about one customer every 90 seconds, or about 40 customers an hour. Figuring a fourteen-hour business day (staying open from 7 AM to 9 PM), that’s about 560 customers a day. If the average gas station services 560 customers a day, then there are 250,000 gas stations in the US. This number slightly overstates the true number of gas stations because some people are serviced by more than one gas station. [Actual number in 2003, according to the Journal of Petroleum Marketing: 237,284, an error of about 5%.] Menos

NOESIS Portugal

What do you know about our company?

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Just study about the company.


Seemed very fishy to have an interview with the CEO

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We're sorry to hear that you didn't have a positive experience with our company. It sounds like your situation was more of an anomaly than the norm. For this particular client, they were trying to get the requirements approved to add the position and unfortunately the position was unfunded. As far as the CEO's involvement in the process, our entire upper management team is very involved with the selection and hiring of all employees, which is why we end up finding the best talent and have excellent employee retention. Our employees overall have a very positive experience working for Sev1Tech. Menos

Quotient, Inc.

Nothing was unexpected

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if I have my way, I'll work here forever.


Talk about how you succeeded as a leader during a project

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Gave a specific examples.


Why EY?

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I talked about the team work aspect.

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