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US Coast Guard
A un Industrial Control Mechanic le preguntaron...20 de agosto de 2015

Ask me if I wanted to work this environment? No training, no advancement, no planning, mandatory overtime and no accountability.

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Job description was not what was posted on I would not recommend working there unless the entire management is removed. Very dysfunctional and I don't see it changing with the supervisors working there. Menos

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What is some of your strength?

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I have turned my greatest weakness into my greatest strength. Now I like to take on new challenges to gain or improve my skills. I find that when I put myself in a new situation it brings the best out of me. Menos


Talk about personal values.

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Just what they want to hear.

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What is some of your weaknesses?

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I answered, in the past I had to overcome my fear of change. My comfort in the way I was living had held me back from taking on new challenges in my life. Before I can start a new goal I was mentally telling myself of all the negatives things that could happen. For example, failure being one of the biggest one. But now I've learned that in order to succeed we have to fail. With this new outlook in life it has opened new opportunities and potential for growth. Menos


Do I have a work permit?

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Yes of cours


After a tour a a description of the job and the challenges I was asked, "In 90 days, what impact will you have on the company and how will you better our processes as you understand them"?

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I said something along the lines of, I will work hard and increase output by 100%, I will not be a drain on management or supervisors as I am an efficient worker a a quick learner. Once I establish my self over the first two weeks, I will be sure to address any inefficient practices and seek methods to improve them; for instance, the way the tools are laid out on the tables may be able to be streamlines, etc. Menos

Aerojet Rocketdyne

There were no difficult or unexpected questions.

Morton Salt

Being OK with a rotating shift during busy seasons


What experience do I have in tire manufacturing

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

What can you contribute to this company aside from the knowledge you wrote on your resume?

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