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Law Offices of Catherine Brown
A un Immigration Paralegal le preguntaron...28 de agosto de 2012

She asked if I had any experience with Deferred Action, which recently came out. I didn't have any experience with it, as the forms for it had just come out and nobody really knows the procedures yet (including my former employer). So that was frustrating. She also asked if I had any experience with secretarial work.

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I do have experience with secretarial work.


What is your typing speed?

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Tell me about yourself and your work experience.

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Think about why and how much you are passionate about the role.

Littler Mendelson

They never asked me anything other than whether or not I wanted the job.

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I said yes.

Chugh, LLP

How will your past employment experience help you in this role?

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I worked in customer service and believe that having great customer service skills is key to this kind of work environment where most clients are referred. Menos


How long have you been a paralegal

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5 years


Mainly experience related to immigration questions

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Didn't hear back from Mintz or the Recruiter. Contacted the Recruiter, but no response/acknowledging email. I would have appreciated an email/phone call regarding decision., particularly since there was an in person interview. Seems like a really nice place to work. Menos

Corporate Immigration Partners

What type of caseload do you prefer?

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A diverse caseload that will allow me to use the experience I've gained, but also continue to grow my career. Menos

Klasko Immigration Law Partners

Questions on availability

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I said I could do full time but can't because I was still a student

Greenberg Traurig

What was your caseload?

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45-350 for me

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