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A un Graduate Imaging Scientist le preguntaron...20 de noviembre de 2017

23 recorded questions for online video interview

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Hi! I am about to take the video interview as well, but I am a bit confused how can we finish 24 questions in 42 mins? Menos

Hi, does anybody know exactly, what some of the questions are? I'm currently preparing for my interview! Menos

AdventHealth Corporate

What kind of pay were you expecting

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At the time I was moving from a 16 an hour position so I asked for 17 but got 18

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

What is your salary expectation?

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I had researched the position and said I would appreciate a competitive compensation in lieu of the job responsibilities. (Ideal pay for this job in pharma industry is $110-120K), However I stated that because DFCI is a reputed AND non-profit organization, I am flexible on salary. I had expected them to pay at least 90-100K as that is what is listed on Glassdoor for this position at DFCI. Their eventual offer after much negotiations was MUCH lower than that. Menos

Riverside Research

When can you start?

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FMI Medical Systems

Basically cover your prior experience


What kind of environment are you looking for in your workplace?


1. general pre screen questions


Question about my research and published papers.


Inverse matrix calculation. Fourier transform filter on image analysis


Who are the competitors of CGG?

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