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Marriott International
A un Human Resources Generalist le preguntaron...12 de junio de 2012


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I guess i do have the confident to learn things and achieve something in life.

i got the confidance tht i will fight with all hazards and prevent all loss which will occurd any harm Menos

That is your basis and parameters of will not make any sense if I sell myself better than others whereas I will not b able to perform well after joining,as expected. The grass always looks green on the other side of the road Menos

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Lux Bus America

What is your ideal culture?

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Giddens Nation

Three personal traits that help you most in the business world?

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Patience, listening and flexibility

Compassion, knowledge and integrity

What motivates you?


Define about your career

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Im merchandiser in unitra international. I join unitra 2014 till 2020

Im merchandiser in unitra international. I join unitra 2014 till 2020

FLIK Hospitality Group

Do you feel that your military background will make you too rigid in our fast paced environment?

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No, HR, even in the military, is ever changing and fast paced. Processes, needs, and expectations are constantly evaluated and changed as needed. Menos

I have not military backgroun.

I have not military backgroun.

Future Retail Limited

what is my experience

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2 year

Supply chain management

Since 10 years I am in supply chain management profile responsibility handling in warehouse.stores and logistics Menos

Irr Supply Centers

What is your current salary?

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I stated that I prefer not to answer for I do not want my current earnings dictating any future earnings. Menos

Any company that inquires about your past salary (which is not their business) will most likely Not pay you for what you are worth. Menos

Can you process payroll?

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Yes, I can. I do process payroll in my current job for over 100 employees.

Peepal Consulting

if we drop cotton and iron from 9th floor which will reach the ground first.

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both will reach at the same time

Obviously Iron rod will reach first... Both will reach at the same time,only if it's in vacuum. Menos


What would I do if I knew the world were ending and I had someone on hold?

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Whatever you want sir/miss, I'll send it to you right now, here's your tracking number. Menos

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