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Healthcare Services Group
A un Housekeeping Manager le preguntaron...17 de abril de 2015

How long I've been cleaning

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My answer was for over 25 years

Over 3years

I been cleaning for 3 years first cleaning job was with a cleaning company name Aztec.. Menos

LTD Hospitality

What's the first thing you notice when you walk in a building.

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The Floors

The smell of the building

People are the first thing I notice them probably the furniture is the next

Disney Cruise Vacations

What would you do if the toilet is blocked on a cruise ship and training

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I will let the supervisor of the floor or zone to handle the situation and follow up,incase she couldn't solve the issue shd call the plumber n sort it out Menos

I will call the relavant department to deal with matter at hand and make a written report looging purposes Menos

Columbia Sussex

I was asked how do I relate to people who speak another language from the one I speak

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Carefully and with respect in mind

Hand gestures and bar graphs

Venetian Casino Resort Inc

Are you familiar with hot sauce?

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Only hot sauce I knew about was Tobascco. FYI they loved that.

Actually it's HotSOS. It's a software program to communicate with HK, ENG, dispatchers, FD, Concierge etc to place an order for various services and fixing problems. Menos


How can you help Hyatt?

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I have many years of experience with other hotels so a good impact on the team

I have many years of experience with other hotels so a good impact on the team

Mayo Clinic

If I could work evenings

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Why would you like to work in our organization?

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From what I understand through word of mouth, this company maintains the utmost professional atmosphere. I appreciate this because I feel that it keeps all employees on the same level playing field, so-to-speak. I am also fully aware of the complete list of long-term benefits that are offered to all employees, and I am in search of a full-time, long-term working career, so benefits are a must! Because of this I feel that the Hilton will fulfill all of my career needs. Further, I have researched the nation-wide average wage range for all departments that were available for the Hilton and I find your wages are quite comparable.... especially for the Branson area. I also appreciate the opportunity for advancement and relocation. I find that the Hilton offers all that I am looking for in future employment, including multiple, possible job profiles. Menos

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

what is the Personal Skills?

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 Strong presentation Skills.  Problem solving skills.  High communication and leadership skills.  Hard worker, active and sociable.  Ability to work in closed communities.  Ability to work in International Environment.  Supervisor Skills  Rain the Trainer  Effective Super vision Menos

Park Hyatt

What is your management style?

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Employees need to learn to grow. The dictator mentality doesn't work in a relationship, and that's exactly what a manager/employee interaction is - a relationship. Menos

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