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A un Hotel Contracts Manager le preguntaron...22 de julio de 2014

Almost the usual questions in a interview process

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Wish to Be Interviewed

Wish to Be Interviewed

What would I do to improve the current market position of the hotel?

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It was difficult to answer that question considering I had no way of knowing the status and the situation in the hotel. So I answered that I haven't got sufficient information to make an reasonable suggestion. And they seemed to have liked the strait forward answer. Menos

Cape Resorts

What were my strenghts

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I listed my attributes and skills that would be benefical for the role I was applying for Menos

Extended Stay America

Are you willing to be on call 24/7

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Had to say yes if I wanted the promotion.

Treebo Hotels

Tell me about your self

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I am Ramaswamy Kalyan an ACMA and ACS by profession. I belong to the city of Bangalore but had the opportunity of working at a Senior level in finance,accounts,taxation,costing and corporate laws in Companies both in India and the Middle East. My total experience is more than four decades of which 25 years are as Head of Finance and Company Secretary. At present I am engaged as a Corporate Legal Consultant. Given the opportunity, I am in a position to turn challenges into channels of profitability Menos

The Social Hub

- how do you motivate your team? - what is your managing style? - how do you handle a complaint? - are you flexible with schedule? - why do you want to work in the hotel industry? - are you mobile? - what are your salary expectations? (during screening interview, to which I got a "We are not Hilton!" weird right?)

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- To grow within the company, you better be mobile! - Salary expectations, "We are not Hilton!" don't expect too much I guess Menos

American Cruise Lines

Why would you want to work with American Cruise Lines?

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What would make you a good candidate?


Hiring processes.

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Hire for personality not work experience.

Why do you want to work at Priceline?

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This is a trick question. Employers don't care that you think their company is awesome, or that you've heard great things about the culture. You've got to turn this around from what you love about them and what the job will do for you and your resume, to what you can do for them. What they want to hear is a compelling monologue about all the ways your awesomeness is going to add value to their operation, both now and in the future - and how adding value to their operation is the greatest fulfillment you can imagine. So, the amazing thing is that they actually sent me an email letting me know I didn't get the position. That's appreciated and practically unheard of these days. Menos

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