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A un Administrative Assistant/Data Entry "virtual" Work From Home le preguntaron...5 de noviembre de 2015

This is a Data entry and Administrative assistant job position and since both training and working hours are flexible you are able to choose your own hours. Have you ever worked from home or online before ? Are you currently employed ? How many hours do you intend to dedicate to this job position daily? Whats your clerical speed? Do you have an idea of how to use MS excel ?What is your highest educational diploma?When did you receive it? Describe Your Greatest Achievement What Interests you about this Position? How long do you expect to remain employed with this company if hired? The salary will be $31 per hour and you will be receiving your payment via Check or direct deposit, what bank do you operate with ? Tell me about yourself and your last or current job?

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Listed above is exactly what this "recruiter" asked and offered me the job based off my responses. Menos

These questions typical same asked me , is it serious they pay 34$ to work from home or its scam?? Menos

I am not employed. I will dedicate as many as is needed to complete the day successfully. 84 on clerical speed. I have a 2005 high school diploma and am sufficient in excel. Coming home to care for my dad after not being raised in a good family. Chase bank. Menos

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The questions I received were typical, pre interview type questions, as listed above. I am still in the beginning stages, so am interested in determining if this is a bonifide position, or if it is a position as is described in other posts on this site...where you must pay to play.

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Do not fall for this obvious scam. I work in the field of HR and have for several years. I specialize in several areas of HR including recruiting. No citizen of the USA should ever pay to gain employment by purchasing the employers product to become eligible for employment. Menos

You most likely found out that it's an obvious load of b.s. I just went through the conference call. The first half seemed pretty decent. I wasn't really trying to make a career of it. I just wanted something HR related to put on my resume'. Anyway, it did seem ok as a commission opportunity until the second half of the conference was dedicated to "not" try to sell us Legal Shield. It was apparent that whomever didn't opt in to purchase the product wouldn't get the position. "Legal Shield is NOT a requirement" was stressed a couple of time. Then, he tried to give the "if you don't own the product, then how will you understand your job?" and "If you don't understand, then you may not be a great fit for this role... you may have a tough time recruiting, anyway." He was basically saying that those who didn't purchase Legal Shield would not get the job. "We're not a part of Legal Shield. We're just a broker." Great job violating the whole Truth in Advertising thing, Harvard Risk Management. I feel bad for those naive people that bought into this mess. Menos

Online Data Entry Job

What is your name and about me

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I told my what is my name

Hasan and you are good

State Street Global Advisors

They weren't difficult to me. Just career goal questions and work ethics.


what was one of my significant achievements?

Allegis Transcription

Do you feel comfortable with 100 pages a week? Starting pay is $1.25 per page.

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what are your strengths and weakness?

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