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A un Heat Transfer Engineer le preguntaron...6 de octubre de 2020

What did you learn in your previous job that can be used at Inventec?

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My previous job experience was Process engineer at an engineering construction company, so the job was very different to a heat transfer engineer at Inventec. The transferable skills are such as ability to work with various other departments and coordinate work, or such as the ability to communicate effectively, work under high stress situations, or learn to use new software very quickly. Menos

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

They will ask you lateral thinking questions to see how your brain ticks and how you communicate. They will likely as general problem solving questions and ones that are relavent to what you are applying for. For example, why is a drain lid round rather than square?

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The drain lid is round so you can role it, it can't fall through the hole, you require less material to cast it etc. Menos


What factors affect your decision whether to accept a job offer?

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Job description is the most important - I need to work in a job that would keep me interested and challenged. Next is salary and benefits. Location is the least important. Menos


How do you approach troubleshoooting


How do you deal with difficulties in the workplace.

CDI Engineering Solutions, LLC

Didn't run into any questions that were difficult or unexpected.

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