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A un Healthcare Marketing Project Manager le preguntaron...19 de octubre de 2009

Why did the job as a public relations specialist end?

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Position ran out of money


Tell me about yourself?

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I went into a brief cap over my life history. Starting with my USAF experience then went into my education and job experience background. Menos


What challenges are you looking for in this position?

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Next I discussed what challenges I was going to expect. I gave examples of what challenges have motivated me in the past and how I've had the ability to effectively meet challenges and deadlines. Also what skills I have to allow me to be so flexible that's necessary to help me handle any challenging jobs. I also described specific events in which I overcame certain challenges and what goals I met and achieved in past projects I've worked on. Menos

Johnson & Johnson

What do you think you can contribute based on your previous working experience

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My experience enables me to effectively bring a value proposition to life through evidence generation, internal alignment, and leadership. Menos


Where did I see myself in 5 years

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Hint: their workforce takes pride in their longevity at the company which is why they scrutinize so heavily. Be sure you're the committed kind. Menos


Describe how I would help Alcatraz in being able to welcome more visitors

UK Ministry of Defence

Certain technical(Core) were difficult ones which was not expected for the profile but still added value to the whole process.


Behavioral questions, tell me about your background, etc.


You going live with a new system and there is, potentially, a show stopping issue. How would you proceed?

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