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A un Head of Corporate IT le preguntaron...14 de enero de 2023

I was asked about my job experience and how to approach situations that might be facing. Got questions like “how would you rate that you did a good job” and about handling difficult situations. The homework I got was about describing how to handle an hypothetical migration case.


How do you build relationships with key stakeholders that have competing priorities?

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Learn about the business priorities, ask questions of the team and stakeholders, set and share the plans and progress along the way. Iterate on the plan over time to ensure alignment with stakeholders and the team. Menos

Council of Europe Development Bank

background, expectations, strenghts, weakness, hobbies

Clermont Group
A un IT le preguntaron...17 de septiembre de 2022

How did you deal with a group of difficult stakeholders?


Tell me about your last job. Not technical at all

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

What was my level of cloud transformation experience?

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8 years of hybrid cloud transformation experience which included the full transition of all data center workloads from 3 data centers, resulting in the closure of those 3 data centers and significant cost reduction. Menos

AI Fund

Conductual questions regarding my experiencie, background, creating content in social media and motivations.


What is your reason for applying? What can you bring to the role?


Tell me about yourself and job experience?

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I used a technique called SET, Skills and qualities, Experience and Type of person that i am Menos

Team ABC

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