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A un Head Human Resources and Administrative le preguntaron...20 de junio de 2012

How will you bring change in the organisation without creating turbulance

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100% truly focus on my work. Whenever it is bring change i focus on my new ideas, ask senior for necessary changes And fully confident on my performance. Menos

Make a good case study, take a buyin from the top management, make presentations to the management team and concerned officers. Ask their opinion, make changes whereever necessary. Then implement it Menos

what a dumb question and what a dumb answer.. its like asking Q: How well would you obey us? A: Sir, 100% Menos

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Forestry Commission

How do you handle deadlines?

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I make sure that I do my work on time and correctly to avoid procrastination, I use to work fast but efficiently as possible Menos

How flexible are you?

I am so flexible In a way that I may handle multiple projects at a time, generally I do one project at a time. All of my work requires collaboration, so I use team environment to check for errors, that make me to bring out the best results in any project in any environment. Menos

Frontier Car Group

How would I design an employee performance review? What is important for me when recruiting? What makes a good company culture?

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Interesting my job

I would have to look at various factors, such as what is the purpose of the performance review, is it for the use of promotion within the group, for appraisals, for review of employment or termination to name a few. You would take into account performance, attitude, company culture added/affected to the workforce, balance positive and negative equally and most imperatively keep it professional Menos


Scenario based questions

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Try to see postive things it will help us to live a good life. Ignore negative things and people Menos

Live examples


is 360 degree review good?

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answred confidentley


Stenta Films

Theoretical knowledge of changing behaviors via Trans Theoretical Model.

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The 6 stages of TTM, timeline and outcome

Obviously yes


J'ai un salarié dans telle situation qui a tel problème. Que faire

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Impossible de répondre, il faut l'historique et les motivations du gars

Compliqué de répondre sachant que nous n’avons pas d’historique et surtout quel est le pb exact.. Menos

What did you take action to make employees in discipline?

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Our standard action like giving warning letter & show cause notices,Making circular etc. Menos

Aga Khan Education Services

Regular question on yourself, experience, the reason for change etc. along with key functional/domain knowledge questions.

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Nothing much except that a panel member kept on probing on the assessment outcome trying to correlate it with the answers given to him. Menos

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

How did you go about implementing a change that involved multiple stakeholders? Describe a professional accomplishment you are proud of.

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Giving examples from my real life and explaining why I did what I did

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