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A un Hadoop Developer le preguntaron...12 de marzo de 2015

Mostly about Hadoop technologies HDFS, MapReduce, Hbase, Hive.

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Answered almost all questions

Hello, Thank you for your interest in Nisum and taking the time to provide feedback. We take all input very seriously here at Nisum, and would like to take this opportunity to help clarify the situation you've referenced. As we discussed and was conveyed to you, Nisum (like many other firms looking for excellent talent) believes in offering the best offer to a candidate after a thorough technical and behavioral assessment. After our evaluation, we found that there was misalignment in expectations between parties. Your expectations seemed to be based on hearsay about working on the west coast. There was also an apparent mismatch between your current views as a contractor versus joining as a full time employee. Finally, we did not say that "you are eligible for less salary." A formal offer was never extended as we could not meet each other's expectations. We apologize if you believe that the interview process was not as you'd hoped. Again, thank you for your interest in Nisum Technologies! Wishing you the best! Nisum HR Menos


Better dont ask

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Prepare well for interview. Interviewer knows what they need . Better upgrade your skills. Menos

Interviewer should also know how to behave. His attitude towards interview candidates is regressive Menos


I was not asked even a single proper technical question. It was more so like an hr round.


print department wise salary using mapreduce, hive, pig, spark. One question with different concepts.

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in hive select salary from tablename order by dept in spark scala val sl=sqlContext.sql(select salary from tablename order by dept) Menos

Larsen & Toubro

Technical questions related to your technology

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I have answer for most of them


Hive Static partition vs Dynamic partition

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Insert input data files individually into a partition table is Static Partition, fast, can alter the partition, set hive.mapred.mode = strict Single insert to partition table is known as a dynamic partition, slow, can’t perform alter, don’t know how many columns Menos

Happiest Minds Technologies

4. given the http url,write the regex to get different parts of url like : protocol, server, path

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provided the regex and parts but not sure why they rejected.


Java Based Questions, Explain OOPS Concepts, Interface, Given a CSV text file how would write code to display the Second column Values. Other than java, which programming language you know to write this programme.

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The OOPS Concepts and Interface questions are pretty simple to answer. For the CSV file, a quick and dirty solution would be to use a file reader to read the file line by line, split on the comma and print out index 1 of the list resulting from the split. (index starts at 0) Easiest alternative to Java is python, which is pretty much exactly the same method. This is by no means the most efficient implementation Menos


What you know about Hive

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Hive is an SQL-like mapping over HDFS data, it uses MapReduce underneath to execute queries. Menos


Detailed experience in your hadoop background

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Explain all your work you did and also then you have to give a very clear logic and your soln on the critical problems that you have solved in your work experience. Menos

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