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CSA Group
A un Senior Program Group Manager le preguntaron...17 de diciembre de 2020

What makes a good KPI

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Scalable, bounded and practically measurable


What will you tell a person for whom you couldnt give a promtion


If you were in the room with the PM and eng teams, what would you represent?

Blizzard Entertainment

How would you build influence with people when you can't do it by authority?


Personal motivation, why I'm the right person for that job


If we were having a production issue, tell me a few things you'd do while working with me? (from eng manager)

Labatt Breweries of Canada

Tell me a time when you failed, how did you feel?


What backend systems support the business and how are they connected What are your strengths? What are your weakness?

Blizzard Entertainment

How do you motivate or course-correct an under performing employee?

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