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A un Graphic Designer le preguntaron...20 de febrero de 2013

Have you ever been on a boat? (Creative Open-ended question)

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Yes, I was actually born in the hold of a fishing trawler off the coast of Antarctica. (When the interviewer says, "Really?", I say, "No. But yes, I have been on a boat." Menos

Not yet - But I will be someday, when I finally get rescued off of this stupid island you put me on way back in Question #1 Menos

No, next question...

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Q. What is it about Google that inspires you?

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Its innovations and creativity!! Whenever, there is a special occasion, the way it portrays on Google chrome search, it is inspiring!! I believe that Google knows that its real asset are humans, that's why interacting with common people like this makes it unique!! Google has its unique selling point! Menos


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The Wild East Group

what is the salary you are expecting?

11 respuestas

7 lac per annum

8-9 lac per annum

8-9 lac per annum

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If I know TV design lingo.

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I know tv design streams

I was new to the field, so my answer was no.

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are you comfortable with night shift

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Yes, I am comfortable

yes, off course

Yes i am comfortable for night shift

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PTM Images

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Yup, that was it. He didn't ask who I've worked for, didn't even glance through my portfolio. Mr. Bass actually seemed preoccupied and rushed through my interview.

6 respuestas

Good for you! Those post were written by the owner trying to excuse the sorry offers he makes. I am positive you were over qualified! Good luck and stay as far away as possible from this place! Menos

Good one Mr Bass, I don't know how you find time to come on here and put interviewees down when you are too busy to meet with them (even though you were the one who sent the email asking me to come in for an interview). And to the person who commented recently, thank you and I appreciate your kindness. I know what I'm worth and do not need to work for pennies for a no-name company who is putting up the biggest show at the Pacific Design Center. Menos

It's my pleasure! You were smart enough to walk away. Can you imagine accepting a position and realizing the person the owner is once you were inside , in too deep to leave? It happens to a lot of people , good people also. Just thank the universe and your experience for being able see through this guy. Menos

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Topps Company

Describe yourself in one word.

7 respuestas

Self starter



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Why did you leave your last position?

5 respuestas

Because I feel I can get more good opportunities in Dubai

Salary expectations

Because I want to work with the reputed company and using my experience and software tools help the organisation in growth. Menos

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Lasting Image

Tell me a little about yourself?

5 respuestas

YES!!!! Finally... someone who sees how he is. Now, imagine working in that environment. Imagine hearing every day how crappy of an employee you are, or getting great ideas shot down, or - as in this one case, hearing him say, "I don't know why [she] needs that many days off, there's nothing anyone can do!", along with a huge eye roll, when an employee was off for bereavement. It was her damn mother that passed away. I don't solicit any business that does business with Lasting Image... and I know who they are. Lasting Image should close their doors... they do disservice to their customers and most importantly to EVERY employee working there. The turnover is INCREDIBLE. Menos

ALSO... you are correct. Most of the "stellar" reviews on here are, indeed, written by him. The buzz words, the glamour, the improper use of a comma... all him. Menos

You have been very on point with everything in your assessment of the company from only one interview. Sometimes it takes people days, weeks, months actually working for this company before realizing all the things you've pointed out. Menos

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What is your education?

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Tell them the actual education, experience or previous salary.

Textile Dying & Printing Diploma

Textile Dyeing & Printing Diploma

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