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the LEGO Group
A un Global Digital Content Manager le preguntaron...26 de enero de 2023

Based on your competencies and experience, what strengths do you believe you can bring to this role?

HP Inc.

What experience can I bring to the role

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Discussed all previous roles, sales, finance, ability to work with multiple teams based in multiple locations and the outsider in-site I could bring to the team. Menos


Tell me how you would manage communication with multiple XFNs


Tell me about a time (XYZ) Why are you interested in this position


Most the questions felt culture based, only 2 of 7 interviews focused on technical skill.


What is your salary expectation?


I don't recall. The initial interview with the comms director wasn't a positive experience.

Coupa Software Inc

What sales enablement programs have you delivered? What was your role, and what were the results? Why Coupa?

KK Wind Solutions

Non standard interview questions, for a position like this conversation just flows.

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Conversation flow, no real answer needed.

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