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A un Global Supply Manager le preguntaron...11 de julio de 2016

Why do you want to work for Apple

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My interest in phones so my wish I join apple store because it is good for me and my ideas for your phone to make better then batter. I am 18 year old if you join me so it your choice.thanks for questioning Menos

Dear Sir/Madam, The only platform for creativity is APPLE INC., The products that I've seen of Apple are Impeccable and beautiful. Basically I am a musician. Though I learnt Basics of music only on my Apple iPad 3 using Garrage band Now I do great Music though. I am also an Artist. We do shoot our MOst of the short movies on iPhone 5. I wish to learn more and do more and implement more in it! This would be my Most favorable answer. Thankyou for reading. Menos

Apple is all about Innovation. Due to constant changing of customer requirements, Apple ensured that the organization is able to adapt based on the current customer requirements hence, they evolutionize and innovate their products. I want to join Apple because I want to be a part of something great. I want to be a part of an organization that does great things for people not only in terms of technology but in terms of connecting with people. Menos

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How would you breakdown the cost of this pen?

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1. Material cost-direct/in-direct material 2. Labor cost-assembly cost 3. Overhead cost-RD/market/SG&A 4. Profit Menos

material price + casting, polishing, packaging, transporation prices.

Selling price - Cost of procurement = Cost of the pen.

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Standard Chartered Bank

what to do if you have workload that should be done before the day's end and you have a prior engagement that evening

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well, two plan to manage the situation: first, I'll try to reschedule my engagement to extend and finish the workload if I couldn't reschedule it so the second option would be setting time table schedule with a target to finish all the workload before the day ends Menos

go for that engagement, finish the work over the weekend



If a widget is made of 2 screws and 3 nuts, each assembled in Steps 1 and 2 respectively, if the process yield for the entire operation is a third, how many screws and nuts would I need to make 1 widget?

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In assembly line, you always loose some stuff for no apparent reasons. At the same time ME or the PMs need to keep track of expensive parts. Given the circumstances, you always plan for worst case scenario, where you are the last stage of product build, you don't want any surprises and any delays due lack of part. You know your yield is 3, so 6 screws and 9 nuts. Menos

This looks like an open ended question. More details is needed. For instance, if cost is not a constraint and this is a prototype, then 10 or more screws; and 15 or more nuts are needed to investigation purposes. If this is already a finished design, then you would expect there will be more than 1 widget be sold, so 4 or more screws; and 6 or more screws for manufacturing for just in case. Then other circumstances. I guess this question is to see how your thought process is... Menos

2 screws and 3 nuts

Biostorage Technologies

Why do you want to work for our Company?

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The description of the position that I applied for seems to fit where I want to go with my career. It appears to be challenging and rewarding. Menos

Cogent Communications

Can you thrive in fast paced work culture.?

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Insight Global

What would you do if you I came to you with something insane or ridiculous?

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I'd (u'd) say your ridiculously insane

I'd say your ridiculously insane

ScentAir Technologies

What type of offshore products did I source, number of factories making the product and did I handle the freight and import details for shipments

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I have an extensive supply chain background. I mentioned 1 product that we produced the goods in 5 different factories and we used a third party inspection company to execute inspections for each shipment. Shipment would not leave the factory until goods passed, then I created the logistic schedule based on the current sales numbers in the USA. Used a third party customs broker and I also ensured we had binding rulings in place with lowest duty rate for the product Menos

Clothing and beverage industries


How will you calculate the cost of a component from a supplier?

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Use Waterboarding to find out his cost, then give him cost plus 1%

Should Costing or ABC?

Kansas City National Security Campus

What are your greatest weaknesses ?

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Overly detailed, take on more work than assigned, perfectionist.

That’s not a good answer for your weakness.

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