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A un SEO Manager (Apparently Need "Luxury" Experience) le preguntaron...15 de junio de 2015

Would you hire an experienced employee with bad habits or an employee with no experience?

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I can train a job to a person willing to learn and work hard. Getting a lazy person to work is an uphill, losing battle. FYI. Menos

I guess you're right if you define lazy as someone who travelled from the other side of the country to attend the interview and spent a considerable amount of time on the presentation only to be told that I don't have "luxury" experience. Menos

Experienced Employee to iron out bad habits.

House of Fraser

This was the actual "Brief" asked to complete. House of Fraser requires an SEO programme to support incremental performance improvement in the Beauty category. Assuming reasonable budgets that ultimately deliver positive ROI, produce an SEO strategy in PPT format detailing how you would drive Organic Search growth (revenue focussed) in this area. House of Fraser will not be able to provide any internal data so please use publicly available data to support your strategy. Technical SEO is out of scope - the focus should be on content optimisation and content marketing initiatives. You should also produce a roadmap for year 1, including all the relevant SEO activities and projects to be undertaken during that time in the role of SEO Manager, Beauty & Children’s Wear. Responding to this brief may involve taking a series of assumptions on numerous levels. Do not be afraid to take these but highlight the assumptions you have taken so that we can better understand your approach. Please also come prepared with any questions that you would ask House of Fraser in order to better refine your strategy and be prepared to answer any detailed questions about your strategy from the interviewers. We will be predominantly evaluating your strategic thinking, planning approach, analysis capabilities, creativity and written/verbal communication/presentation skills in the brief response. Additional guidance notes: - Stay true to the brief as much as possible - Clearly demonstrate that you have analysed the HoF Beauty proposition, content and taxonomy throughout your presentation - Use visuals to help quickly communicate key points and insights

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Wouldn't this amount of detail be more acceptable once the candidate was employed. Menos

I guess by their response that House of Fraser won't take responsibility for their actions by blaming the recruiter in the first place. As for the actual task well my previous comments stand: A task that time consuming should be reserved when the candidate becomes an employee, otherwise it is nothing sort of a cheap way of generating industry information under the disguise of a "job interview" Menos

BR Softech

SEO Best Practices

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Are you willing to relocate? Are you willing to travel? Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of. Tell me about a time you made a mistake. What is your dream job? How did you hear about this position?

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1) What concerns do you have about the company? 2) Tell me about a time you felt company leadership was wrong. What did you do? 3) What is the toughest decision you had to make in the last few months?

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Spoke about common start-up issues

Are you Google Adwords certified?

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Yes, and also in Google Analytics.

Social Kinnect

What clients do you work on...

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You can tell your clients name but avoid doing that.

What are you proud of?

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Development of new tools

Your experience

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American Freight

Why are you looking to leave your current employer?

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More direct experience with a single client rather than agency setting. Higher level experience. Menos

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