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A un Senior Product Manager, Search Marketing le preguntaron...26 de marzo de 2012

Here is a magic box that does algorithmic signal matching [hinting at the Adchemy "secret sauce" intent matching algo]. What would be the ranking logic for two ads that have the exact same bidding and reputation (relevance)?

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This one is probing for core search algo knowledge, metrics like CTR, keyword generation, auction marketplace. It's a real design problem one would encounter on the job. Looking for logic and thought flow in problem solving. Menos

Almeida Junior Shopping Centers

Elaborar ações estratégicas para o B2C

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Elenquei algumas ações que poderiam ser feitas sem dar detalhes, pois não vou dar ideias e não ser contratado Menos

VIAVI Solutions

[*] Tell me something about yourself, your professional and personal background like family, etc. [*] Which was the most challenging project for you? [*] What type of Vendor management experience you have. [*] Tell me which project had Service Cloud/Sales Cloud and how did you use it. [*] How did you use Salesforce.com Sales/Service cloud in the project being discussed. [*] After all question/answer session, asked whether I would like to add anything more which has not been covered during our discussions. [*] Tell me about your experience in establishing and handling SFDC Practice.

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[*] Vendor Mgmt - told that dealing with outside IT Services vendor for project implementation and also the product team from Oracle, etc. Google Vendor Mgmt too for a constructive answer. [*] For uncovered points, I have added few more points relevant to SFDC Practice handling. [*] Highlighted that I have experience in SOW, contract preparation, reviews, etc. Menos

CDS Global

Would you be willing to travel?

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Replied yes, occasionally, but was then told it would entail up to 50% travel. Job description did not describe it that way. Bait & switch? Menos


How can we improve our briefs?

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I provided some ideas surrounding brief content, as well as how projects are managed overall and their cadence. Menos

Mondelēz International

Por que você gostaria de trabalhar na Mondelez?

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Porque foi admirando, comprando e consumindo essas marcas e toda sua comunicação que ajudaram a me tornar o profissional de marketing que sou hoje. Quero beber da fonte dessa inspiração e se possível aprender com elas também, além de ajudá-las. Menos


If I were to call your previous manager - what would they say is your best quality and what would they say you could improve on?

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My best quality is working really well under pressure and handling multiple tasks at a time. I made fun of myself when answering the second part of the question and said something about working too quickly and sometimes missing details because of it. Menos


Quais foram meus maiores desafios?

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Estrutura a área de Marketing em uma nova Joint Venture

Em todas as entrevistas foram feitas perguntas técnicas e cases do histórico profissional.

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Apresentei alguns cases e resultados obtidos.


What is the difference between a product manager and an engineer in solving a user pain point?

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There is no scientific answer here, necessarily. The engineer asking this question was hinting at the idea of requirement definition (user stories) vs. implementation solution. Menos

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