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A un Digital Marketing Project Manager le preguntaron...26 de enero de 2017

What relevant marketing experience do you have?

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How can you categorize the digital marketing?

Sagittarius Marketing

Stage 2. I then went into meet Claire for a face to face interview in the offices - which were very stylish!. Again the format was quite informal, but the questions were intelligent and at times quite in depth - they were getting a good picture of what I wanted and whether I would be a good cultural fit. I was given lots of opportunity to ask questions and fact find - it was a very open and honest discussion.

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We finished by Claire showing me all around the offices and introducing me to a couple of team members. Menos


A maior parte das perguntas é sobre o suas características pessoais - pouquíssimas sobre o que eu já havia trabalhado. A melhor pergunta foi sobre o que eu sabia da empresa e por que achava que ali era um bom lugar para mim.

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Afirmei que havia muita matéria jornalística sobre o rápido crescimento, assim como as confusões políticas. Menos


What are your personal values?

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Integrity, honesty & transparency, especially within teams I work with. Hard-work and openness to learning & sharing information. I prioritise my own learning and try to be a reliable member of a team and I hope for the same in return. Menos

Sagittarius Marketing

Final Stage The whole experience was very positive - and I left the last meeting with a really good understanding of the job , company, culture and the personalities involved. They offered me the job while I was on the train on the way home !

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I accepted the next day and am LOVING IT....


tempo de experiência, motivo da saída de empresas anteriores, pretensão salarial, fato do local ficar distante de minha casa

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15, movimentações de carreira, R$ 15 mil, ok pois tenho carro

Sagittarius Marketing

Stage 1. I responded to an advert in Jobs in Kent and had an initial telephone conversation with Claire (Head of Talent) Claire took time to tell me the reality of the role - positives and negative , she explained about the core values and company culture and then asked me some questions about what I was looking for, preferences of working environment and what I wanted for my future. The style was very conversational and I was impressed that they clearly wanted to share information as well as gain it.

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The style was very conversational and I was impressed that they clearly wanted to share information as well as gain it. Menos


How much revenue did your previous position generate a year? How much were the monthly services? Wow, that much? What did they include? Was it a family business (after finding my sister's name associated with the company after a Google Search)? So these services you offered were monthly packages? ETC

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I answered to the best of my knowledge and then sent him the last pricing package I had that my boss used to send to people. I mostly did this because I felt like he thought I was a liar or something and felt slimy and goofy. I wish I hadn't, honestly, because it's not his business. Menos


O desafio proposto vai ao encontro do que você procura para a sua carreira?

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Sim. Além do desafio ir ao encontro do que busco para minha carreira, a empresa me atrai muito devido a sua cultura organizacional, ambiente de startup, por atuar em segmento financeiro e pelas oportunidades de aprendizado e crescimento profissional. Menos


Porque você escolheu a Philips?

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Adoro o ambiente de multinacionais, e acho a pluralidade cultural muito saudável. Menos

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