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Geotechnical Consultants
A un Geotechnical Engineer le preguntaron...25 de marzo de 2013

how can i get seinor engineer and high salary?

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answer and comment

Alt & Witzig Engineering

Have you had any construction experience?

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Yes many years in construction from electrical to drywall and everything inbetween. I was also a project manager at a small construction company. Menos

AngloGold Ashanti

What do you know about AngloGold Ashanti? Tell us about any Geotechnical projects you have done at Uni. Tell us about your thesis.

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To get their attention talk about what you think you know about the role or ask questions about the role. In the context of; I have heard that geotech in mining involves taking core samples of the rock and then running compression tests to gather the strength of the rock. Then it is modelled using software to determining the stability and structural integrity of either the underground tunnel or open pit wall. Cable bolts and shotcrete is applied to give strength as reinforcing if there is a risk of cave in etc. Also at Curtin uni we used Slog software to design a raft footing for a house on cohesive soils and also used plaxis to design sheet pile walls to protect a structure from adjacent demolition or earthworks I can't remember. Reiterate that you know this is soil engineering and not rock mechanics which they deal with in mining but you are excited to learn. Menos

Professional Service Industries

Why do you want this position?

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Relate to the company's core values/mission statement, as well as position duties, and how they could help you develop and mold your skills through different challenges you face. Mention challenges motivate you. Menos


What was my level of experience in managing larger projects.

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I have worked as a Team Leader on a variety of projects, from small to large.


Some technical questions about past experience.

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Alright I guess.

Barrick Gold

Talk about risk management and brittle failures experience

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I mentioned the different criteria to take into consideration to handle these risks and how it converges with an integrated management plan. Menos


Why did you transfer from construction to engineering

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to work in bigger projects

Ninyo & Moore

Just talked about some geotech stuff and life in general.

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I was just being truthful.

Rio Tinto

Share a story of an unsafe situation where you stepped in to improve the safety.

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I shared that I was a squad leader on a deployment in Afghanistan and was accountable for the safety of my soldiers and accountable for their welfare and their lives, and any wrong decision could lead to loss of life. Menos

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