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The Home Depot
A un General Warehouse Associate le preguntaron...2 de diciembre de 2015

General interview questions with one HR staff members

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Jahmya Yes after two months.

▲ 0 ▼ Jahmya Yes after two months.

Did you get the job after the second interview?

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The Home Depot

What kind of experience do you have that is related to this position?

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How did you overcome difficulties while working?

Ask for help ,get information ,compromise,stay calm,

25 yrs exp. Inn shipping & recieving . Standard safety certif. ( march 2019) .my main concern is always customer satisfaction & safety .( If they are shown courtesy, they will remember and return.) Menos

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The Home Depot

Has there ever been a time where you had to meet a short deadline.

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Yes I worked at south ga pecan have so many boxes to in so much time needless to say we meet a time frame without any delays Menos

Yes I worked at south ga pecan have so many boxes to do in so much time needless to say we meet our time frame to package products without any delays ...... love working in a fast pace job Menos

Would love to have an optunity to work with your company

DHL Supply Chain

How do you handle stressful situations?

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I don't.

Be calm down and fix the problem

Lineage Logistics

Do you have any experience using forklifts, stand up lifts, pacers, etc.? Are you available for any shift? Can you finish tasks in a professional and timely manner?

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Truthfully and with ease. Lie and say u have forklift experience because they'll train you regardless. If you say you no expeirience they won't give u a chance and will end the interview right then and there. Menos

What is it an oral or urine drug test?

The Home Depot

In what ways do you live the values Home Depot as a company live by?

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Pay rate

TJ Maxx

They just ask about your past experience where he you have worked and what qualifications do you have for that job

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I also worked at Old Navy,Walgreens, I worked at Good Will but that was many years ago Menos

Old Navy, Walgreens

Recall Secure Destruction Services

Do i enjoy working?

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Yes, of course

The Home Depot

How did I fee about micro management.

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When employees are properly trained and motivated it isn't necessary.

The Home Depot

Describe yourself in one word?

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