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Robert Half
A un General Office Clerk le preguntaron...3 de febrero de 2017

They asked me about my prior work experience.

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I just listed my relevant work experience chronologically.

Epic Recruitment Services

If I already have Gulf work experience?

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Of course, I said no because honestly it is my first Gulf work experience.

Express Employment Professionals

What skills did I have, environment did I want to work in

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Listed skills, listed environment


Why would I be a good fit for this company?

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I am able to handle multi tasking with the experience of my former position with my boutique business. I am a go getter and will to tackle tasks with little guidance. Menos


Tell me about yourself

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What do you know about the company?

Penmac Staffing

No difficult or unexpected questions from Penmac themselves.

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They will prepare you with information about possible employers and job assignments so you may feel more knowledgeable when approaching potential assignments. Menos

Devonshires Solicitors

What will you bring to Company.

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I think I gave good answer

Are you bilingual in Spanish?

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Yes, I am able to speak, write and read in Spanish moderately. (I answered in Spanish.) Menos

Would you help us set up the filling system they'd never had one before and I said yes, no problem.

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I now had job security for sure, I liked that idea.

DOMA Technologies

Do you have any customer service skills?

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