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A un General Accountant le preguntaron...11 de octubre de 2016

Will you commit for two years

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No Problem, I will

Yes I will

Brock Solutions Inc.

What would you do when you cannot meet a deadline on time no matter how hard you work?

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The answer they are looking for is "ask for help from the team". It is a team environment, so you should ask for assistance from the team. Menos


Have you worked before on payables and receivables?

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Capital Internal Medicine Associates

Would I be needing health insurance, my age, how many kids I have.

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These are illegal questions.

Amstar DMC

Qué sabes de la empresa?

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Que es una empresa tours operadora y que presta servicios en diferentes hoteles del país. Menos

Oliver M. Dean

I was asked why I was leaving my current employer.

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I explained that the company I was working for had a negative work environment and was abusive. Menos


Why do you want to work for the Ritz Carlton?

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Cause is one of the most important company, the best in cayman. Working here it would be an upgrade for my career and a possibility to learn a lot Menos

LEDIC Realty Company

what was my experience

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not much, only a year outside of college.


If you get a fussy stakeholder, how do you handle him/her?

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Calm him and put down other tasks help settle on his issue first, put his issue on priority and work along with him. Be patience with him. Menos

Johnson & Johnson

What qualities are important for your future team leader: both to have and avoid having?

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Important are honesty, ability to provide feedback.

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