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A un Junior Game Tester le preguntaron...22 de enero de 2023

What is your experience with game testing? What is your understanding of game-testing methodologies? Can you walk me through a testing process you have completed in the past? How do you prioritize and manage your testing tasks? How do you ensure the quality and completeness of your testing? How do you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and developments? How do you communicate and collaborate with other members of the development team? Can you give an example of when you identified and reported a critical bug in a game? How do you handle tight deadlines and multiple tasks at the same time? What do you think makes a great game tester? These questions are meant to evaluate the candidate's experience, understanding of testing methodologies, ability to prioritize and manage tasks, attention to detail, communication skills, ability to work under pressure, and overall fit for the role.


Which games do you play?

A un Game Tester le preguntaron...15 de diciembre de 2022

What characteristic you most do not like about person?

Electronic Arts

Think of a few bug examples

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Collision, crashes, etc..

Keywords Studios

When can you start the job?


why did you choose this company


Ingles, usaste jira, que partes van en un informe y que va en cada uno


What is my favourite videogamen=.


Te preguntan más o menos que estudiaste (en mi caso) de testing, y te hacen una pregunta sencilla en inglés.

Electronic Arts

Do you work well under pressure?

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