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Escape Technology
A un Game Master le preguntaron...12 de abril de 2018

I was asked for 3 reasons why I would do well working for them.

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I mentioned I have the customer service experience required, outgoing friendly personality which is important in a games/fun environment and that I am a quick learner, I can work independently or as a team. Menos

This interview information is NOT for Escape Technology in Roseville, California. We are a software developer that develops exclusively for school districts, community colleges and county offices of education. Menos


Have you ever been to an escape room?

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Although I hadn't been to an official retail escape room, I had experienced an amateur, pop-up escape room in the local area. Menos

Breakout Games

What an I into, goals, ambitions

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Dnd, opening up to people

Blizzard Entertainment

They may ask you to describe how you tie your shoes, or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This sounds silly, but the purpose is to learn how well you can outline a point and describe a solution to a question: since the job of game master is largely to tell people how to access this or that, or explain why something is happening in game, it's important that they know how well you can politely and succinctly answer questions that may seem common sense or even stupid to you, but that for one reason or another escapes the person asking the question.

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Line it out deliberately without taking too long, and be lighthearted about it.

Blizzard Entertainment

They threw in a classic quirky Blizz style question, something about which thing you'd rather be attacked by?

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I do not remember how I answered this question, but I don't know that it made any difference. I was hired just the same, and did my time through Volt in order to eventually make full time at Blizzard and get benefits. Menos

A un Game Master le preguntaron...16 de noviembre de 2019

What interests you most about this position?

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It seemed like an upbeat atmosphere.

A un Game Master le preguntaron...11 de noviembre de 2015

Have you tried any of our games?

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No, your software launcher is so broken I was worried it contained malware.

Me diga quais são os seus métodos de monetização preferidos em f2p mmos.

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Itens consumíveis que ajude a obter uma vantagem no jogo, exemplos: Itens de up level rápido, itens para aumento de dano contra monstros , itens de atributos. Menos

Blizzard Entertainment

A few ingame related question and one to answer as a Game Master

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written and verbal

Blizzard Entertainment

Why do you want to work for Blizzard?

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Spent 10hours~ a day on World of Warcraft, why don't I just work here!

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