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A un Frontend Web Developer le preguntaron...10 de agosto de 2022

1. What are different types of Data Types in JS, DOM, Strict Mode, difference between map, reduce filter, some more basic questions. 2. In React like props , state, types of component, useEffect, useState, life cycle methods in react, promises and some more.


First technical round, sort a list of attorney objects by a rank property.


Second technical round, sort a list of attorney objects by a last name, given a full name property.


Third technical round, remove duplicates from a list of objects


NDA, so won't add too much detail here. Thankfully, Brex uses practical challenges rather than grilling you on leetcode problems.


What is your name? yep it is that basic


some question about my current position, motivation and technical baground


Preguntas acerca de mi formación profesional, sobre como me veía a futuro dentro de la empresa y mis debilidades y fortalezas.


They are try to test you on every domain like HTML,Css, Javascript

Cavista Technology

Web fundamental and coding questions

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