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Nabors Industries
A un Stimulation Equipment Operator/Frac Hand le preguntaron...5 de febrero de 2015

CDL is a must, tanker and hazmat are preferred. can you work outside, swing a sledge hammer, lift and carry 100lbs? Work rotating schedule, two weeks on, one week off, also rotates days/nights? Paid training is provided, ten days I think. Many good people but also a few nuts. Rough industry but worth it for me. Not great for a family man, lots of divorce

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Always, yes.

Frac Shack

What do you want to work for the company?

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I told them, I'm presently unemployed and also I read some information about their company that makes me like them Menos


How have you handled a situation when you were asked to do something you felt was unsafe. Also, where do you see yourself in 5 years if hired?

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If you are asked to do something unsafe. You have to determine if it is unsafe due your lack of knowledge to carry out the task safely, which means you need training in the area or you have informed knowledge about the task and you know it is unsafe. If its the latter you have right to refuse by explaining to your supervisor. there is always process within a company to address refusal to work. But if it is unsafe due to your lack of knowledge/training. Speak to your supervisor that you need training in that area and you don't have confidence in undertaking the task on your own. Menos

Frac Shack

What do you know about fracking process and what the do understand by the responsibilities of a frac shack operator?

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Gave them the little knowledge I gathered online about fracking process and what frac shack operators do Menos


What do you know about Halliburton?

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How would you handle a situation where the crew boss assigned the same task to two workers, and the two solutions are not incompatible causing the two workers to argue? Menos


What are your expectations with the company

STEP Energy Services
A un Frac Operator le preguntaron...15 de septiembre de 2018

What do you know about Step Energy

Calfrac Well Services

How long have you worked in the oil feild _?


Have you worked long hours in hot environment?


pre presentation questionair Previous work related. Describe an experience using safety equipment. Have you ever work with dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals? What actions would you take if you noticed a fellow employee exhibiting unsafe work behavior

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