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Whitsons Culinary Group
A un Food Service Director le preguntaron...25 de septiembre de 2017

Do you know about lunch ladies

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Women with both the means and free time to meet socially for lunch in expensive restaurants. Menos

I what to know

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DO you like food? If so, what kind?

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Um yes..all kinds.

Continenta, Arabia, Thai, Chines, bangla, indian Curr, 20years food experience

A like all kind of food


How do you think you would do in a union environment coming from a restaurant background?

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I feel like there will be some obstacles to overcome, But i welcome the challenge and the ability to learn this new style of management for me. Menos



How do you overcome adversity?

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Wonderfully perfect answer. Do you mind if I borrow it?

Keeping the goal in mind and continuing to drive toward it with the tools I am afforded. Menos

How did I feel about working in a jail.

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Good I felt that this would be a great opportunity to work in a food service field that I had not worked in before. Menos

Columbia Cottage

How to handle angry or disgruntled residents .

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I answered by telling them I would ask what I could do to make it better . As a resident one of the things they look forward to is meal time . Menos

Opaa! Food Management

Tell me about a time you were understaffed and how you handled it?

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Tell me how you dealt with difficult employees that pushed backed?

SAGE Dining Services

How can my experiences help elevate this community? How do I feel working day to day with community and their feed back? Their are many types of events as well as daily duties of the job, how will you handle the balance of these?

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As a caring father & chef..I will elevate the community expectations from my travels around the country and around the world. All I ask for is the tools to be successful, proper note taking and daily interaction with the community to build the trust needed to have a successful environment. Menos

Rio Texas Annual Conference

How was I doing?

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The Plaza Assisted Living

Request information of my management style plus scenarios of how I would handle problem situations

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I answered very confidently and explained my responses

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