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Aberdeenshire Council
A un Financial Systems Accountant le preguntaron...6 de marzo de 2018

What services do the council provide.

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I answered by using my knowledge of what my local council does and with research from the council's website. Menos

Harkness Screens

Project experience to date

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Gave five examples of projects that I implemented on previous roles


Nothing substantive, more general questions about me and my personality

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I mirrored the interviewers casual tone, the whole interview lasted 20 minutes.


What will you do to reduce the period close duration which is not at acceptable level at this time

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Engage and get buy-in from management and let them know of the iterative process. Work methodically identifying the bottleneck areas and address them one by one without compromising on controls. Implement system automation as much as possible and obtain reports from system which are used AS IS instead of getting reports in Excel then manipulating by v$lookup etc Menos


How do you manage the Timely Project Delivery?

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Strong Planning Phase & Mitigation plan for all the Risks

Dentsply Sirona

Why did you leave your previous position?

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For a better salary..which was not a good answer.


How do you manage multiple tasks on a day to day basis?

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Using notepad to list out tasks to work through by priority

TC Energy

What are your salary requirements?

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I answered him which was my last salary so I expected the same or higher perception. He answered that they have salary tables so I asked him if my expectations were ok. With and evassive answer he said that he'll check with the manager. Menos

Vanguard Resources

Tell me about your self.

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Why should we choose you over other candidates?

Stonegate Pub Company

What do you know about the company?

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Cited various recent developments on their website, they loved talking about their CEO and his awards, I could tell it was the cult of the leader there. Menos

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