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Operation Stand Down Nashville
A un Financial Coordinator le preguntaron...5 de marzo de 2014

Most difficult question was, "What is more important, helping the Veteran or assuring grant information is correct?"

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My answer was assuring grant information. We must maintain grant funds to help the Veteran clients. Menos

Lehman College

What do you like least? emailing ? or calling people?

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I don't like either least, I don't have a problem doing both.


I was extensively tested for my skills by my future supervisor. He outlined several projects for me to complete and assigned a relatively limited time. I was concerned about the time limitations but managed to finish in a timely manner.

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I had shared my concerns about the time given to me to complete the projects but expressed my intention to try my best. I observed that my concerns were considered with interest and actually were welcome. Menos


Multitasking; prioritize; time pressure; busy Monday

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Deadline driven

Turner Construction

How well do you know excel?

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Are you okay with not being in the office all of the time?

World Fuel Services

Tell about yourself

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I spoked about my qualifications and career and goals, what I was looking for and the type of role I was looking for. Menos


Can I confirm everything that is written in my resume

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BMO Financial Group

Describe a time where you showed loyalty at your current role/job


How does "X" on your resume relate to this position?

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Highlight soft skills that are relatable and transferable.


If you were on a deadline and need information from others, how would you handle not getting the information needed.

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I would begin with a nice email to all involved, then a reminder, then an individual email, then a phone call Menos

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