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Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage
A un Finance Controller le preguntaron...21 de mayo de 2017

The motivation to apply for the job

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Willingness to join the professional working environment of the top FMCF company



‘I worked on several projects that required creativity, but one really stands out?

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I tried to come up with a creative solution to provide the board with real options that would impact sales. Menos

BNP Paribas Securities Services

Competência de Excel e falar em inglês

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Disse médio e falei em inglês


Salary expectations.

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I said 55k€ annual and they felt it was too high and suggested 50.


what was my Most successfull achievment during my previous job - how did i manage to about beyhond ?

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Cost saving plan

Dynamics Resources

Asked if I had experience with immigration paperwork

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Told them I did not, as I had listed on my cover letter with my resume


Whats the size of the projects handled?

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Us $ 100 Million

Circle K

Do I understand transfer pricing

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Of course, I am chartered accountant

Goldman Sachs

Walk me through your resume

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Tell me about a time you struggled during your last internship


easy basic things, not technical AT ALL

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Just played along.....

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