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A un Field Engineer le preguntaron...12 de marzo de 2012

If water in a well rises 2 feet each day and falls 1 foot each night, how long til the water reaches the top of a 10 foot well

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It will reach the top on the 9th day, the question only asks about reaching the top and not remaining at a 10 foot level. The level will be 8 ft at the end of 8th day and then it will go up to 10ft the next day; day 9. Menos

every day it rises 2 feet during the day and one feet at night it drops basically it rises only 1 foot each day and shall take 10 days to get to 10 feet. Menos

net gain per day of 1 ft, with a peak gain of 2 ft. If day=12 hrs and night = 12 hrs, then the peak on day 9 will reach the 10 ft mark, or 8.5 days Menos

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California Department of Motor Vehicles

How do you define a team?

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Yes it is very general. Some situational questions (What would you do if you saw this happening) along with some cashiering and integrity questions. Menos

how long did you wait after the interview for a response on whether you got the job? I was told that it is a lengthy process and that I would receive a ring with good or bad news and its been 2 months already. Please any info would be apprec iated. Menos

Is it multiple choice

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What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand on a clock when it is 3:15?

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7.5 degrees

The answer is 7.5 degrees. There is a 30 degree difference between each number on a clock. (360 degrees/ 12 = 30 degrees). Therefore, the hour hand moves 30 degrees every 60 minutes. The time given is 3:15, so we know that the minute hand pointed directly at the 3, but the hour hand is somewhere between the 3 and the 4. 15 minutes has passed and we know there are four 15 minute segments in an hour. We also know that it take the hour hand 60 minutes to move the full 30 degrees. So if we divide the 30 degrees that the hour hand will move in 60 minutes, by 4 because 15 minutes has passed by and there are 4 fifteen minute segments in 60 minutes, we find that the hour hand moves 7.5 degrees every 15 minutes. So at 3:15 the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand is 7.5 degrees. Menos


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Baker Hughes

Have you repaired any electrical item. What how next time if encountered how different u will do that.

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I guess no one has heard from them ...

I have a hirevue interview after 2 days any recommendations and the interview questions? Menos

Did you hear back from them?

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If you placed a perforating gun 2000 ft underneath the ground and ignite the charge. Which direction would it blast? If you were do the same, but the depth was 200 ft, would you expect the same direction? Why?

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would you mind to tell me were i can find the answer ?

Unless you are using TCP with an orienting sub, or some gyro method with wireline guns, you cannot orient wireline guns. I have not heard of any orietation for wireline guns. Guns run on wireline, assuming equally balanced, will rotate as per well geometry with turn and when blindly perfingbat 2000 ft and 200 ft the holes will be oriented differently. Menos

At 2000' assuming maximum stress is in vertical direction, the fracture will move in vertical direction. And at 200' the fracture will move in horizontal direction. Menos

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"This will be harder than anything you've done. Gauranteed. Still want to do it?"

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Your concern is whether not the job is hard to do, then you've chosen the wrong job. You have to enjoy your commitment. Menos

The Hardest thing I ever did was survive Marine Corp boot camp and survive war. This job is exciting because it is challenging. Once "alignment" is defined then creativity and critical thinking kick in. Menos

I'm curious as to why it's the hardest job I could do. I have already taken a seminar on how to be a writer's assistant from a person currently working as a writer for BLACKISH. I have already done research for a friend's published book entitled, "Mary, The Mary Tyler Moore Story." If your standards are very high, I look forward to the challenge. Menos

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Netstar IT

Why aren't you interested in the role?

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There is a very high staff turnover according to previous reviews, the Agency will sell this to you as a regular Field Service Engineer role, but I've been on Police interviews under Caution that have been more pleasant. Go with an open mind, if you can do the hours and the commute (as well as travel to customer offices in central London and one or two in Essex), multitask (fix frozen iPhone 6s while stripping down laser printer and answering phone) have good customer facing skills, then this is right up your alley Menos

"We did not choose to hire the applicant due to the fact that some from more challenging, especially Urban cultures are not the most productive workers." That's actually racist as hell!!! I'm disappointed in you B.W. - that's if you are the same B.W I knew SHAME ON YOU... But I guess that doesn't surprise me considering that place a shambles lead by a dictator who rips off their clients and treats their staff like slaves & is more concerned about looking the part than actually investing in their staff. I'm beyond angry at your comment and i say again - SHAME ON YOU Menos

I had a 2nd interview with Netstar yesterday and I have to say it was the most uncomfortable experience I have had in my professional career to date. The Ops Manager and People and Culture Manager couldn't have been nicer. Shame the same cannot be said for the SDM.... his style of interviewing appears to be one of intimidation and constantly trying to assert his authority by giving negative scenarios and putting people in a corner to see how they react. Very much gave me the impression that it is either done his way or there is the door. Actually found him to be rather intimidating, almost to the point of bullying. When answering his questions the feed back from my answers was 'hmmm ok'. To pretty much all of them. There was no actual engagement around my answers from him. And the scenarios got more and more negative and, frankly ridiculous the more further through the interview I got. I would suggest that the SDM needs to work on his interview techniques, and move away from the alpha male approach and actually engage with candidates. Menos

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What was your best McGuyver moment?

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This question is just a creative way to ask you how you solved a problem at work that required you to think outside the box, improvise or invent a solution that was not proposed by someone else. Proper preparation for this question is identifying a significant project where you had substantial impact on the success of the outcome, hopefully by identifying a solution on your own. Menos

Have real MacGyver answer ready, but start out with a MacGruber answer like "Once I was in the control room of a deserted power plant..." Menos

How about spelling MacGyver correctly? You didnt even come close

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Asticom Technologies

Questions about ip, broadband technologies, etc.

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just answer it how you interpret those technical concepts.

Dude, is it easy to pass even if you are a fresh graduate? And is there any training? And how many days did it take for you to acomplish upto the final interview? Thanks, needed some answers, i appreciate if my questions are answered. Menos

^yeah i guess it's easy. I'm also a fresh grad, the exam is super easy. There's a training about your job once you accepted their contract. You're under probation for 6 months. It took me just a day to get interviewed, took the exam, and their job offer. Menos

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Baker Hughes

Describe a situation when a member of a team you were in charge did not contribute with the job.

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i havent sent them an email, but i think the situations are the same. havent you asked to another applicant from your country (Emirates)? Menos

I talked about how i talked with that member if he/she had any problem

Same situation. Gave Digital Interview on July 1, no repsonse yet

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